Q. What does membership give me? A. You get automated ways to register your nest, live bunnies and a way to link them from nest to live, parents to offspring. Your package includes some items you will use inworld to register them, as well as ways to professionally present your bunnies in the marketplace. We provide unique tools to allow you to link your nests to the bunnies that are born from them. Each bunny and nest have a public online profile, with links to their parents (if registered) and to their offspring.  And the nest or bunny profile and lineage remains in the system, always portable, transferring to anyone that purchases the bunny or nest in the future. Q. How is this better than notecards and spreadsheets? A. The problem with notecards and spreadsheets have been that they don’t offer the continuity of lineage that SL Breedable Pets™ brings to the bunny breeding profession.  Additionally, manually compiling the data and saving it in notecards and spreadsheets is exceptionally time-consuming.  Certainly, there are breeders that provide very accurate records, in the form of notecards, but once the bunny is sold or traded, the pedigree information is often lost, or simply ignored.  SL Breedable Pets™ offers breeders a solution that allows a specific bunnies pedigree to follow it, seamlessly and with little effort on the part of the professional breeder. Q. How do I know my information is safe and secure? A. The robust servers that host the databases for SL Breedable Pets™ are in a secure co-location site, with T-3 bandwidth to provide fast and secure hosting of your bunny pedigree data.  Your bunny data is safe and always accessible, pending site maintenance. The data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly.  Lastly, because your bunny data is no longer on notecards in your SL inventory, or notes on your local computer, it's safe from crashed hard drives, lost SL inventory, or accidental deletion.  You won't ever lose your bunny information, including those valuable bunny description strings required by Ozimals to recreate your bunny if it is every lost.  However, bear in mind that if you sell or give away a bunny or nest, the Owner's Notes will be transferred as part of the profile to the new owner Q. I don't have the full lineage of a lot my bunnies. How will SL Breedable Pets™ help? A. We simply can't help create a pedigree without records, but the more people who use SL Breedable Pets™, the more information will be gathered, eventually creating a lineage that will stretch back for generations.  The sooner you join and enter your bunny and nest information the better the registry will be, and the more valuable your bunnies will be to your customers, because you have a complete verifiable lineage. Q. I do have the full lineage of all my bunnies, including nest UUID's and bunny description lines. How can SL Breedable Pets™ help me? A. We have created an online spreadsheet on the Help page that will allow you to link registered live bunnies with their registered live parents.  Ozimals does not allow for this, but we are aware that many breeders keep records.   This  information will be entered into the database, but will be flagged as legacy imported data, to show it was not entered with the automated tools that accompany your subscription to the site.  We can only import linking data in situations where you have registered all three bunnies, both parents and their offspring.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow importation of information about bunnies that you have sold, traded, or may not even exist anymore, since we have found it to be too great a hazard to the integrity of the Bunny Pedigree Registry. Q. What is a Legacy Record? A. Since many breeders kept records before this system was available, we have allowed for those records to be provided to us so they could be manually imported into the registry under certain conditions.  This is so the breeders could preserve their pedigree information as much as possible.  However, since the information was not compiled using our automated tools, we have flagged such profiles so that users will be aware of this difference.  The legacy information that will will import can only consist of links between bunnies you have registered in the Bunny Pedigree Registry.  This means that if you have registered both parents, and their offspring, a link may be established between them. Links created in this way will be marked with a small Legacy Link icon: The location of the icon will indicate whether the Legacy link is to the parents or offspring. Q. What does a Revised Record indicate? A.  This simply means that some of the information has been updated manually by one of the site administrators.  The reasons for the update may include: user error, an inability of the system to enter or update a record, or a glitch in Second Life.  This in no way indicates that the information in the record was ever actually incorrect.  Providing this distinction (as well as the Legacy Links) will allow residents to make a more informed analysis of any registry profile. Revised Records are marked with a small Revised Record icon: Q.  Will SL Breedable Pets™ help with my breeding program? A. While SL Breedable Pets™ will not offer advice on your breeding program, you can sort your bunnies in your bunny list in many ways so you can instantly see various traits you want to enhance in your breeding program.  The owners of SL Breedable Pets™ are bunny breeders as well, and we understand the value of quick, accurate information in our own breeding programs and for potential buyers.  Additionally, the search features of the registry will allow you to locate other breeders with bunnies you may wish to obtain, or breed your bunnies with.  The many search options will allow you to find bunnies with exactly the traits you seek, from breeders you trust, to enhance your breeding program. Q. Why does the kindle date for some of my bunnies appear to be off by a day? A. The kindle date is a UNIX Timestamp and is based on Greenwich Mean Time, so depending on the time zone you are in, the kindle date may appear to be "wrong". Q. Why can't I edit change my bunny or nest UUID in it's profile? A. The UUID is a Universally Unique IDentifier and is the only number of it's kind for your bunny or nest. It is not changable on the bunny or nest, and SL Breedable Pets™ uses it to link your nest to its parents and the bunny to it's offspring and mates, so therefore it is not changable on the nest or bunny profiles. Q. I no longer own a bunny, but it still appears in my list - what can I do? A. If the buyer isn't registered with SL Breedable Pets™ and has not transfered the profile, there is a bunny removal checkbox in the lower right corner of every bunnies owner's profile.  Simply check that box, and click the "submit" button, and the bunny will be removed from your bunny list. Q. Why can’t I delete profiles or links (if I made a mistake)? A.  Right now we are not allowing any manual deletions, because there is so much interconnectivity within the registry.  For now, if you need something deleted, please contact support. Q.  I went to a nest/bunnies profile, and the name of one (or both) of it’s parents is different than what’s in hovertext over the nest.  How can that be? A.  It’s likely that the parent bunny in question was renamed, perhaps by a new owner after being sold.  That is what makes the Registry ID so important - it allows links between bunnies to be tracked even after numerous name changes. Q. My membership expired - will all my bunny and nest data be lost? A. No, all the information will be kept in our database.  Your bunnies and nests may still be sold and the new owner(s) can take over the profile as applicable. Q. Why do I need a membership subscription to use this system? A. SL Breedable Pets™ provides a service, and to offer that service we must maintain servers and web hosting ongoing.  This means that SL Breedable Pets™ will incur current and future costs to continue to provide this service to you. Q.  How do I know if I subscribe to SL Breedable Pets™ that SL Breedable Pets™ will be here next year or in two years? SL Breedable Pets is owned and managed by Bopete Yossarian, who has been in active in Second Life since February 2004.  Bopete sells and supports dozens of products inworld, as well as managing and supporting MAGIC Automated Group Invitation System, which also uses bots inworld.  Bopete continues to develop inworld, in addition to running her own web development business in the midwest, which she started in 2001.  Bopete greatly enjoys virtual world and web development, and plans to continue doing so for a long time to come.
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