To retrieve a lost password, visit the Password Retrieval Console at Simply touch the console to retrieve your password. To get copies of the latest update (which will include all the latest tools), visit the  Update Center at For support, contact Bopete Yossarian inworld. How to File a Ticket with Ozimals Download an Excel spreadsheet to submit Legacy Records: Right-click and select “Save Link as..” PC users may use Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc Mac users may use the free NeoOffice Be aware that we can only import linking data in situations where you have registered all three bunnies, both parents and their offspring.  Please fill out the information as specified in the  spreadsheet, and email it to Be sure to specify your Second Life name. You may also use Google Docs to submit your Legacy Link information.  Find the online spreadsheet here,  Open this document, Save a Copy, Edit (add all your information), Save As, then attach it to an email to Be sure to add your Second Life name. Please be patient - your bunnies’ records will be linked as soon as possible, and you will be notified when your records have been updated. System Requirements To use the SL Breedable Pets™ website, you will need an account in Second Life® You will also need to use a browser that supports cookies and JavaScript. SL Breedable Pets™ has been tested with Firefox and MS Internet Explorer. Google Chrome does not play nice with this website. If you have trouble logging in, the cause is almost always related to the cookies on your browser.  Here is a useful external webpage that describes how to check various browsers to see if cookies are enabled.  Keep in mind that if you do need to add this site as “allowed”, be sure to add “”.
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