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Memberships can be purchased at the following location: Semoshi/218/136/72 6-month subscription on Second Life Marketplace 6-month memberships are L$3500 3-month membership on Second Life Marketplace 3-month memberships are L$2000 Renewing your Membership To renew, simply buy a Membership Renewal package from the same vendors that offer the original Membership package.  Rez the token out, and touch it.  Your membership will automatically be renewed for the time- period defined by the token. This can be done before or after your membership expires. Renewing before your current membership expires will simply add on the new time to your existing renewal date.
If you accidentally purchase a Membership Package instead of a Renewal Package, the token will still renew your membership.  You will just wind up with duplicate copies of the rings and other tools in your inventory. If you accidentally purchase a Renewal Package instead of a Membership Package, the token will still create an account for you.  The package won’t contain the rings and other tools that you will need, but those can be obtained by anyone with an active membership from our store at Semoshi/218/136/72
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