Second Life® and Linden Lab® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended. This website is not owned or operated by Second Life or Linden Lab. SL Breedable Pets™ is not affiliated with Ozimals™ or Amaretto Breedables™ Copyright © 2011 SL Breedable Pets™  Jan 4, 2011 New things coming for the new year! It’s been several months since we’ve posted an “official” update for SL Breedable Pets, so we thought it was time that we give you a heads up for what’s coming down the road.  First of all, we’re pleased that the registry is still getting consistent use, and even a steady stream of new users, even though the popularity of the bunnies themselves has dipped.  We’re also delighted that so many of our users let us know how much they enjoy and even appreciated the registry. We’re finally getting close to making a version of the registry available for the Amaretto horses.  We will be moving into closed beta testing this week.  This version *feels* like it took longer than building the original bunny version (at least to Bopete) since some things were redesigned on the back end - partly based on lessons learned from the bunny registry, and partly to make it easier and faster to create registries for other animals.  We’ve already laid the foundation for a Wildwood kitty registry. For anyone interested in the horse registry, there will be some differences in the way the registration system works for the horses.  This is due to the fact that both the horses and bundles give parent information.  This means that  live horses as well as bundles can be automatically linked to parents.  We discovered that the order of registration for your live horses will require a different approach than with the bunnies.  For bunnies, it was a fairly simple matter of registering all lives first, then nests.  For horses, we will be recommending that horses are registered by order of age, to make sure that you don’t register an offspring before it’s parents.  That’s why we’re letting you know now, so that breeders with a large number of horses can start determining which order their horses need to be registered in.  We currently do not have any tool that will help with that, but if it becomes necessary, we will look into making one in the future. Additionally, since the Amaretto horses have been out for months already, and many breeders already have multiple generations of horses, we decided to provide a “do-it-yourself” Legacy Links form.  This will speed up the process of getting your horses into the registry without waiting on us all the time.  Legacy Links that involve parents owned by someone else will still likely need to be handled manually by us.  All links made with this form will be indicated with the Legacy Links icon. After the horse registry is released, we plan to go back and make some minor tweaks to the bunny registry.  Most of these changes will be for the appearance, but a few will hopefully improve usability - navigation in particular.  So don’t be surprised if things start to look a little different! We’re excited about these upcoming changes, and hope you are too.  As always, thank you for your patience and support! ~ The SL Breedable Pets staff