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Sire: Opal Opal OZ-000195-00174 Dam: Flea OZ-000177-00171
Nest UUID: 5cb4bde3-b76a-7c7d-3f46-78b1afbad7b7 Bunny UUID: a9fc3409-4648-94fa-3d17-b804db762c7c
Registry ID: OZ-000195-00230
Registered: 2010-08-20
Bunny Name: Hotot Moon
Owner: Meme Inaka
Gender: Male
Fur: Blanc de Hotot
Eyes: Dark Green
Ears: Upright
Shade: Moonlight

Kindle Date: 2010-08-20

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Offspring: 0
Bunny Status: unknown Teleport: none SLURL: none

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