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Bunny Statistics

Total Registered Bunnies: 570112

Registered Bunnies - Mutants and Elders
Special TypeCount% of Total
Exalted Sage of Ardor330.01
Exalted Sage of Euphoria1960.03
Exalted Sage of Refreshment330.01
Exalted Sage of Vitality380.01
Legendary Matriarch of Ardor360.01
Legendary Matriarch of Euphoria1130.02
Legendary Matriarch of Refreshment460.01
Legendary Matriarch of Vitality240.00
Legendary Patriarch of Ardor220.00
Legendary Patriarch of Euphoria1260.02
Legendary Patriarch of Refreshment270.00
Legendary Patriarch of Vitality200.00
Superlative Elder of Ardor10760.19
Superlative Elder of Euphoria37760.66
Superlative Elder of Refreshment11000.19
Superlative Elder of Vitality9600.17

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