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Welcome to the SL Breedable Pets  website!
SL Breedable Pets™ is a system that encompasses pedigree registries for various Second Life™ breedable pet systems.  Each registry is a complete stand-alone system that allows you to track, plan and manage your breeding program intelligently.  The various registries are available to breeders via subscription and may be purchased separately, yet can be accessed from a common interface.  Adding additional registries to your membership gives you extended time on your subscription.  We have taken care to make sure that all of our registries have a unified look, feel and navigation style so that they are easy to use. We currently only provide registries for Ozimals™ Bunnies.  We no longer offer a registry for Amaretto HorsesTM or Wildwood KittiesTM. All of our registries offer a public section that may be accessed by anyone, with many enhanced features that are only accessible to subscribers.  We appreciate our customers and we take great care to provide an unparalleled level of customer service.  We hope you will enjoy the system, and if you are a breeder but not currently a subscriber, please consider joining. 
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