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Welcome to SL Breedable Pets™, where any Ozimals bunny owner or breeder can access the pedigree information for any registered  bunny or nest.  This site is of invaluable use to breeders, when tracking the lineage of their breeding stock, and for bunny owners so  they know the pedigree of their bunnies.  Historically, bunny breeders have tracked the pedigree of their bunnies on notecards and  spreadsheets.  This has been both time consuming and the information was seldom transferred to a new owner in any complete  fashion.  Now a bunny's lineage can be traced from it's ancestors to it's offspring.  You are now able to track lineage and statistics of a  specific bunny regardless of how many owners it has had, or how many times it's been renamed. 
Each bunny and nest is issued a unique and permanent  registry code, so even if it is traded dozens of times during it's lifetime, the registry moves the existing pedigree information to each new owner.   SL Breedable Pets™ consolidates all of the information breeders typically recorded manually on notecards, spreadsheets and other methods, and automatically allows anyone to follow the lineage of any bunny or nest.  Your bunnies and nests  become more valuable to breeders and owners, simply because they are part of the pedigree system Because we offer automated tools for both bunnies and nests, it greatly reduces the potential for incorrect pedigree information, and because we provide an automated kindling tool, the registry can help you track a nest as it becomes a bunny, and thus give you that all important nest to bunny to nest to bunny to nest to bunny link to allow anyone to follow the lineage any bunny you sell.  You no longer have to spend hours recording the details of your bunnies into your own records, only to have the lineage for them stop when you sell the bunny. SL Breedable Pets™ also privately records and stores all the information you would need to give to Ozimals to recreate your bunny if it is lost.  You can keep private notes on each bunny in that bunny's profile... and as your bunnies are bonded and produce nests, you can record each pairing and link the nest's profile back to the parents and thus to the grandparents and so on.  We feel that we have created a comprehensive system with needs of  both the casual and professional breeder in mind.  We are continuously enhancing the services and the features of the pedigree registry,  and hope that you find it helpful and easy to use. .
Breeders, your potential buyers can click on a single-prim device that will open the site, and allow them to see the pedigree for a particular bunny or nest.  You may purchase a subscription to the site, that allows you to use a series of automated tools to easily and quickly enter comprehensive information about your bunnies and nests into the database.   SL Breedable Pets™ will become an invaluable part of your breeding program.
Even if you purchase a bunny or nest from another breeder,  using your bunny or nest registration tool transfers the bunny's  pedigree information to your account. As you register your  bunnies and nests, together we are creating a cross-breeder  pedigree registry that encompasses all participating breeders. 
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