Quick Start Guide
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1. Activating your account for the website 2. Registering your bunnies and nests 3. Using the Kindling Ring 4. Setting profiles to be seen inworld Quick Instructions: 1. Activating your account for the website: 1.1 Rez the package you got with your subscription and copy the contents to inventory. 1.2. Open Local Chat history then rez the subscription token. Touch the token to see your temporary password in local chat. 1.3 Go to the website as prompted, sign up with the temporary password, then go to Password at the top menu bar and change it to something you will remember. note: if for some reason your password does not appear, simply TP to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Semoshi/218/136/72 and touch the Password Retrieval Console on the wall. 2. Registering your bunnies and nests: 2.1  Make sure that the bunny registration bot has access to your land.  You can find the name of your registration bot assigned to you on the main page when you are logged in. 2.1 Rez out the large Bunny Registration RIng.  Starting with your live bunnies, place up to 15 bunnies inside the ring.  Touch the ring and select “Register”. 2.2 Wait while the registration bot logs in over your registration ring and collects the stats from your bunnies.  Please be patient!  It may take a few minutes for the system to process your registrations.  Do not do anything until you get a message back from the ring. Note: Because it can take a few minutes for the system to process each group of bunnies, it actually saves time to save them up and do several at once. 2.3 Continue this process until all your live bunnies are registered. 2.4 Now, use the same ring for any nests that you own, that have parents that are already registered.  you must own the parents.  Repeat the process with your nests that are to be linked to their parents, registering up to 15 nests at a time. 2.5 After you have registered your ‘live’ bunnies, use the Nest Registration ring on all your nests. The Nest Registration Ring offers the ability to link the nest to its parents, which is why you need to register your ‘live’ bunnies first.  Although simliar to the Bunny Registration ring, you will need to answer a few questions about the parents.  If one of the parent bunnies is owned by someone else, that resident will need to be present when registering that nest. 2.7 If you have any live (registered) bunnies for which you own one or two registered parents, and wish to have these linked to their parents,, go to the Help page on the website and download the spreadsheet, there you will see the information needed to link the live offspring to the parents. Send this to support@slbreedablepets.com. Note: If you want to send a few at a time, that's fine. We will accept as many emails as you want to send. 3. Using the Kindling Ring: *** NOTE: Make sure your nest and ring is set to the correct land group. If you forget, do NOT touch the ring, use your camera controls to pan into the ring and only reset the group on the nest. The ring will still work to capture the info. *** 3.1 Rez the kindling ring, one per nest, and place a nest in the middle. Ensure there is nothing else in the ring or that can get into the ring; no food, no nearby bunnies, no other prims. If you want to have food close for your newly born bunny, remember the default range is 5 m so it can be outside the ring and still within range of the baby bunny. 3.2 Touch the ring. The ring will check if the nest has been registered. If it has not, you will need to register the nest first by using the Nest Registration Ring. (Refer to step 2.5 above.) If the nest has been registered, the ring will tell you and prompt you to set the nest to "Start Birth". You may then start the timer from the blue menu. The ring will change into a red container and will warn you not to move it until the kindling is complete. 3.3 Once the kindling is done, the ring will capture the newly born bunnies information and change the website nest profile into a live bunny profile maintaining the link between itself and any listed parents. NOTE: On high lag sims the ring may not capture the information right away. If that happens, please send in the nest site ID (OZ- xxxxxx-xxxxxx) and the information from the live bunny; description line, gender etc. to support@slbreedablepets.com so the link can be completed for you. 3.4 Once the ring has turned green, touch it to reset. It will change into a small "pen" in case the newly born bunny has movement on, allowing you to name it and set configuration before it hops away. 3.5 Touching the ring one more time completely resets it so you can kindle another nest. 4. Setting profiles to be seen inworld: 4.1 If you are only selling one bunny, say at an auction, rez the SL Breedable Pets Pedigree Sign 1.2 (or most current version). Position it over your nest or bunny, touch the sign, and selct “Config” from the menu. 4.2 If you are selling multiple bunnies, you can configure up to 20 per each of the 8 SL Breedable Pets Profile Consoles. You can do this via each bunny profile. Edit the profile, scroll down to "Show on Inworld Display" and choose from "No", "C1", C2", C3" etc to "C20". Only those bunnies set to C1 will show on your C1 Profile Console etc.
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